Outdoor Portable Shower


Now Shower on all your outdoor trips!

Are you someone who loves surfing, diving, camping or outdoor activities and wants to stay clean and neat at the same time? Want the best of both worlds without compromising your hygiene or fun? Time to go backpacking with this inflatable shower!   


  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Extremely portable
  • Easy to store
  • Inflatable with barrel design- 11L cap.
  • Easy to use Air-Pump to pressurize it
  • 2m long shower hose with nozzle grip

Use this inflatable shower anywhere!

Filling up the shower bag with water and using the footpump to pressurize it will provide a exact same experience as a bathroom shower anywhere you want- be it in the forests, the beach, or the camps!

Don´t wanna sleep dirty after the whole day of fun? Take this easy to small and carry shower bag with you and enjoy your daily showers on your trip now on!

The 2 meter long shower hose is fitted with a ergonomic grip-type nozzle that sprays pressurized water whenever you press it.  .


Below are the instructions on how you can now take the perfect daily shower anywhere you go!




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